Private Reserved OG


OG #18 (also known as Private Reserve,) is a sour phenotype of OG Kush from Reserva Privada, a subdivision of Amsterdam’s DNA Genetics.

When DNA created a series of feminized OG Kush phenotype seeds, OG #18 made a lasting impression with its sour, diesel flavor profile and significantly higher yields than the original OG Kush. OG #18 won 1st Indoor Hydro at Spannabis Cup in 2011, 2nd Indica at High Times’ Cannabis Cup in 2009 and 3rd Indica at High Times’ Cannabis Cup in 2007.


Private Reserved OG

Private reserved OG  is a phenotype of OG Kush, was introduced by DNA Genetics. Our dispensary took it upon itself to satisfy the buy 18 Og strain problems of our consumers.  This indica-dominant hybrid delivers a long-lasting sedative and trancey high, ideal for leisure and relaxation.

Also, this flower carries a specific kush flavour with exquisite undertones. Its eminence is not new, a winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup in ’09 and ’10, as well as the Europe Champions Cup and Spannabis Indoor Hydro Cup in ’10. Interested in growing? Plan for a 9 week flowering time indoors.

It is advisable to buy this og strain, pink cookies strains  and its brothers from a well trusted dispensary like ours . Our Dispensary offers a secured and private delivery line meaning all you have to do is sit and order.

 No matter your experience level , for its ability to stave off aches and pains and ease users into a peaceful frame of mind.

 And also give off a tantalizing aroma of sour citrus and sugary sweetness. It would be deceiving not to mention its heavy skunk influences as they are both on the nose and tongue, but for OG lovers, this is no issue.

You’ll immediately feel the relief of the strain working its way through your bloodstream and relaxing all ur kinks from the day. Many consider this a one-hitter quitter. However, if you are ripping from a bong it might even be a half-a-hitter quitter. This strong high has a tendency to knock the user clean out. But not without first giving them a ravenous case of the munchies.

Effects of private reserved Og

Private reserved OG brings a strong head high pretty instantaneously, allowing any lingering stress or worries to melt away. Furthermore, this holy grail strain look alike takes you to an ultra-relaxed state of mind. You’ll feel OG 18 in both your head and body, and while you will most likely be pretty sedated. Also, your mind will be happy, clear, and you might come down with the giggles.

Private Reserved OG is an Indica dominant medical marijuana strain. This hybrid strain produces forest green colored buds that are covered with bright orange hair.

It has an excellent potency and though its exact THC level is not known, it is assumed to be above 20 percent. It is pretty looking hybrid cannabis that has a sweet aroma with a strong pine flavor. The taste of Private Reserved OG is quite pleasant and is a blend of sweet and slight sour flavors.
It is creeper cannabis that produces a strong body buzz that slowly takes over your entire system. Private Reserved OG makes you feel euphoric, relaxed and energized.
This is a good marijuana strain to smoke when you want to relax at night. It is excellent for treating insomnia and helps you sleep easily and peacefully at night. In addition to that, it can also provide you with relief from mild to chronic pain. Many tokers smoke it for treating headaches and at times, migraines. Private Reserve has a positive effect on nausea and depression as well. get more at our website

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13 Reviews For This Product

  1. 13

    by AkioBones

    Highly high high. Good for tuning out your stupid friend who is stuck in reverse mode. I love him, but brain damage is a bitch.

  2. 13

    by Kate

    My pain level was through the roof yesterday morning; an urgent bowl of OG18 from the table vape and I was able to dress and get to the door with the dog within .5 hour. I felt relaxed through the day and my pain was dampened enough that I managed to get a few chores done. I was pretty chatty on the phone with people and felt a little “outside of myself” during the day (re-hit about 4 hours after 1st use, and again before bed) but that could be due to a complete lack of sleep two nights earlier. OG18 is one badass pain killer that isn’t too psychoactive. A definite fave for me.

  3. 13

    by Anderson

    O.G. 18 – I picked up this strain tonight at HWC Phoenix. A beautiful grow and and perfect cure if you’re in Phoenix and like indicas I’d definately recommend. very strong acting strain in both cerebral and body effects. classic og kush smell, beautiful nugs perfectly cured (burns to a gray ash – black ash being indicative of more water for those that don’t know). i don’t really remark on the coloring or hairs – that’s very much influenced by the grower and grow conditions but this was as i would expect of an HWC grow (IE it’s unmatched in Arizona) great strain for anxiety, PTSD, Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia. killed my nausea and stomach pain on just a few hits – then crept up on me and was definately feeling the gravity. a good indica strain that could really be used for most ailments other than lack of energy but certainly can make concentration difficult so caution is advised. this isn’t one to smoke before work in other words or really even before driving (yeah it hits that hard). pain relief is about as good as it gets without getting into CBD dominant strains. yeah fuck i don’t know i can’t remeber the rest in going to go eat.

  4. 13

    by Shelby

    I waited a while before posting on this strain. It took a bit to tweak dosages to get the best results. This “OG 18” is a very intense version of its namesake, with one distinct difference, it lasts up to 4 hours per dosage. Too much of this, and you will get couchlock, bad. Great for insomnia too. Start slow on your dosages, and you can get things done around the house with good pain relief. This is not something to use if you are expected to have adult conversations without random giggles. If you have friends over and some good movies this is awesome stuff…

  5. 13

    by scootersdc

    Funky little number. Good diesel OG taste mixed with some funk. Steady buzz, long lasting, relaxing and not too stony. Great smoke,

  6. 13

    by weevagirl38

    HIGH-ly underrated strain, that sometimes misses the credit line based off of it’s name. OG #18, if you have tried other OG’s (a.k.a. Ocean Grown) in similar, it has a more sour pungency over the traditional KUSH scent most associate to the strain. True OG has a hindu smell, where ‘Private Reserve’ expresses a cheesier edge in its terpenes. Beautiful plant when aged at 9weeks mature flowering, nice dense bud, mid light in green color with arrays of trichromes, high is sedative but focused. Nice zen for movie watching when trying to unwind, or relax. Not neccesarily recommended for headaches, as a strong head buzz can also be accompanied in higher doses. 4.5 / 5

  7. 13

    by 1kingkush

    This Indica dominate Hybrid was by Vali Cali Farm & contained 16% THC. The pine green buds had dark brown pistils with white hairs & trichomes. The smell & taste was an earthy pine. The effects made me happy, mellow, & relaxed which can lead to sleep. Smoked this strain other times before & gave the experience’s a thumbs up. This time it was a thumbs down because this was an $15 eighth with over 30 pieces & when I smoked it, it was very harsh which was to be expected from a bottom shelf smoke. The only plus was that it did get me high. It’s true that in life you get what you pay for. Protect The Harvest!!

  8. 13

    by 420_Product_Reviews

    Let me say it is wonderful! You really feel it in your mind and on your body as well. The THC is vibrant and perfect with the mix of Hybrids and Indica. Do enjoy!

  9. 13

    by rizildizil

    I can’t remember a strain hitting me like this. The taste is spectacular and stays with you. The ratio to body & head euphoria is probably the best part of the strain. Definitely a new favorite.

  10. 13

    by william_jaeger

    Highly high high. Good for tuning out your stupid friend who is stuck in reverse mode. I love him, but brain damage is a bitch.

  11. 13

    by Love2smoke

    Lovely flavor, you can why they called it that: unique, special flavor complex; reminds me of Bubba Kush. Relaxing AND uplifting? I guess it’s true! Great mood and I’m actually cleaning the house! Thank you Private Reserve!

  12. 13

    by william_jaeger

    Lovely flavor, you can why they called it that: unique, special flavor complex; reminds me of Bubba Kush. Relaxing AND uplifting? I guess it’s true! Great mood and I’m actually cleaning the house! Thank you Private Reserve!

  13. 13

    by AkioBones

    Private reserve is typically like any specially bred strain right? I love me some private reserve when I wanta splurge and get myself something nice for the weekend

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