Girl Scout Cookies Strain


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Girl Scout Cookies strain has a sweet taste on exhale, Girl Scout Cookies’s medical use for patients suffering from depression, stress or anxiety, aches and pains, whether incidental or chronic. Girl Scout Cookies has a THC content ranges between 18% to 28%.

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Genetics: Durban Poison x OG Kush
  • Earthy x Sweet x Flowery
  • Happy x Euphoric x Relaxing x Uplifted x Creative


Girl Scout Cookies strain is ideal for users; anxiety depression, pain, nausea, insomnia. Positive effects includes; euphoria, relax, creativity. Negative effects includes; Dizziness, Cotton mouth.

Rumored to be OG Kush x F1(undisclosed strain by original breeders) x Durban Poison. Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most sought-after strains on the market and as a result, is often a favorite choice for growing at home in states where cultivation is legal. Choosing the right cannabis seeds is important when cultivating Girl Scout Cookies.

Growers who want effective results time after time look for feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds to ensure that all plants are female and their harvest will be somewhat predictable

Lineage of girl scout cookies strain

Unknown in Truth; popularly claimed to be OG Kush x Durban Poison, or OG Kush x Cherry Pie (GDP x Durban Poison)

story about girl scout cookies strain

Very little is known about the origin of Girl Scout Cookies strain. The only certainty is it was bred in San Francisco, California, sometime in the last couple of years; perhaps 2011 or 2012. The strain was developed by a Nor-Cal group of associates known simply as the Cookie Family. From there, different phenotypes (some perhaps bag-seeds) have been distributed throughout the United States. Most notable of this array of Girl Scout Cookies strain is the “Forum Cut,” made available through internet networking among breeders.


Girl Scout Cookies strain has a tall, branchy, OG-like structure, leaning towards the appearance of a true kush. It has dark leaves that turn black with a complete cold-water flush and have extremely long, thick, wine-red petioles, or leaf stems, that are actually longer than the leaf is in length.


From the two disclosed parents, Durban Poison and OG Kush, there are taste elements of skunky peppermint and the slightest lemon zest. The “F1” unknown parent may be responsible for the yeasty bread-like taste that dominates the pallet.


The original is very hard to acquire as the Cookie Fam strictly limits its availability. The “forum cut” is also only available as a clone and many believe it to be the original, though the Cookie Fam disputes that claim. Many seed companies have also developed similar strains by the same name.

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15 Reviews For This Product

  1. 14

    by James K. Simon

    This is what I’ve been smoking recently when I don’t need to “do” anything. If you’re like me, you’ll want to make sure the floor is clear of tripping hazards, your laptop is away from your water, etc. Set out some snacks before you start smoking, and make sure you’re in a safe environment. Hybrids generally put me in the couch more than Indica, but GSC makes fine motor skills especially hard. It’s also especially dense, in my experience, which made eyeball-measuring my bowl difficult. The first time I smoked this I had a little too much. Stood up, got extremely dizzy (ears ringing, etc.), tried to put my bong back in a high cupboard, fainted, and ended up knocking over a box of crackers that my cat later peed on. It was a mess. (My bong was thankfully okay.) If you’re like me, don’t hesitate to pack a small bowl and go back for another one if needed.

  2. by admin

    Photoperiods can get tricky outdoors when a strain has been primarily acclimated to indoor flowering cycles. My guess is this line was exclusively bred as an indoor strain. Often when you take these strains outside, they can have a somewhat finicky flowering time. I don’t know the specs of how much sunlight your GSC might be getting or whether its potted or in the ground, when you introduced it outdoors, etc. I’m hoping for your sake the year and weather conditions hold out, because I’ve had strains like this “charge up” and just blaze through flowering. It’s always a learning experience with new strains, I hope she comes into flower soon!

  3. 14

    by Aaron hopsin

    I have one of these plants growing. It had some problems with the pH of my water causing leaves to yellow but the plant is growing good now with a dark green foilage of thick leaves. The problem is it’s September 3 now and no buds. Seeds were feminized. Afraid it will turn cold outside before this plant is finished. My White Widow plant on the other hand is full of buds. Any ideas on why the GSC isn’t?

  4. 14

    by Jason

    I just grew this amazing strain in southern Ontario, Canada and wow is it ever a yielder. The potency is already known by many but I’m pretty sure I got at least 25-30 oz. from one plant and this is the shorter one. There’s still another obvious different pheno that must be 12ft tall by now still flowering, just a generous beast and from what I’ve smoked the quality of this strain will be quad every time if you feed it right.

  5. 14

    by Jared Erickson

    Ive been having one of the worst weeks for pain, depression, nausea, and gut-wrenching anxiety in a long time. Hit the dispensary yesterday and decided to give this bud a try. Got an 1/8 for $20, packed a bowl and didn’t get past my third hit. It was magic! I was symptom-free for over 4 hours DAMN! I dont know bout any of you, but I call that some serious medicine. FUCK OFF, BIG PHARMA! MOTHER EARTH DOES IT BETTER WITHOUT CAUSING HARM OR CREATING A DRUG EPIDEMIC! Just had to get that out… This is damn good weed for both uses, REC or MED! peace

  6. 14

    by Chris Ames

    Tastes just like regular GSC but sweeter on the exhale with more of the body buzz but you also get the happy, relaxed. Moderate couch lock, still able to focus but taking a nap isn’t out the question. There’s also a time warp effect. -Shatter, 90%, Arizona-

  7. 14

    by Eryn Erickson

    The original GSC is my jam, and I was beyond stoked to get my hands on #2. As soon as I lit my bowl I could taste sweet vanilla and cream, just like cookies. The smoke was just as smooth as the original, but it definitely hit me MUCH harder than the original. Def one of my new favorites!

  8. 14

    by James Koster

    i have only been to this store two times and every time the people really know how to help you get the right bud for you.. i have just tried this bud out and it is very good. almost as good as the first time i ever smoked bud. don’t take my word for it, try it out.

  9. 14

    by Coen Jacobs

    I just grew this amazing strain in southern Ontario, Canada and wow is it ever a yielder. The potency is already known by many but I’m pretty sure I got at least 25-30 oz. from one plant and this is the shorter one. There’s still another obvious different pheno that must be 12ft tall by now still flowering, just a generous beast and from what I’ve smoked the quality of this strain will be quad every time if you feed it right.

  10. 14

    by ready

    This is one of my Favorite strains. I mix it with ,you guessed it Cherry pie . . . GSC is what gives the great flavor to Wedding cake.

  11. 14

    by Godwin

    The only problem with this for me, since I am trying to lose weight, is that it makes me hungry. I have to really battle consciously to resist the urges, which sort of takes the nice edge of the other effects.

  12. 14

    by mj

    One of the best crosses I’ll say. I like both duban poison sativa and og kush. Starts out heavy blast to your head then finishes indica couch style. This and gorilla glue are my favorites. I wish I could post these perfectly cured nugs here. Purple leaves, orange pistols and heavy frosted. This stuff will get you high everytime

  13. 14

    by kaytrox

    The Infamous GSC has to be one of the strongest hybrid strains. It smells earthy with hints of mint when broken up, super dense sticky buds. The high is happy and uplifting for a few mins then the high sets in with the indica effects couch lock and munchies definitely one of the greats ?????

  14. 14

    by youngtab

    There isn’t much to say on GSC that hasn’t already been said. Classic strain which was by far the best I had gotten for almost a decade. In recent years there are strains out there that are better, but GSC remains a favorite, with its perfect balance of powerful physical and psychedelic effects and sweet cookie flavor. Most of those strains’ genetics are derived from GSC anyway.

  15. 14

    by FrankFooter

    Came across this GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) during my travels through Northern California, San Francisco to be exact. This was a very very popular strain for quite some time, and for good reason. This is an excellent strain with a sweet earthy goodness taste about it. It both smells delicious and tastes delicious when vaped. What I remember most about my GSC sessions was that I liked them in the beginning, and also into the plateau, but part-way through the plateau and into the downslope/comedown I was overwhelmed by that heavy Indica couch-lock that I hate.

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