1500mg CBD Oil – Nighttime Blend




Buy 1500mg CBD Oil – Nighttime Blend From 420 Marijuana Bud Shop

1500mg CBD Oil – Nighttime Blend is derived from organic cannabis plants and extracted with food-grade ethanol in a federally regulated facility. We 100% guarantee our products to be potent and pure. Pure, potent and organic.

Our Extra Strength Night Time CBD Tincture is the perfect way to relax and calm yourself before going to bed.

● Quick absorption and easily digested

● Aids in stress-relief, mood stabilization, and sleeping

● Free from pesticides, solvents, and chemical fertilizers

● Each bottle contains 3000mg of CBD

We offer specials deals and discounts here at 420 Marijuana Bud  Shop and cater to all sorts of customer requirements. Thanks to our qualified team, you can rest assured that our products undergo rigorous quality control assessment. We do not leave any scope for a compromise just to earn some extra bucks. Your safety is our responsibility, and we are answerable for everything we provide. Do not fall into the trap of third-grade dealers who try to fish you for money. We have a dedicated team to give transparent information about any strain you are looking to buy. Please contact us soon!


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